Q: What fabrics do you offer?

A: Please see our Fabrics page for some of our fabric options.

Q: I don’t see the corset I want on your website? Can you help me?

A: Of course! It would be impossible to make and photograph every corset option/variant in all of the fabrics we can obtain. If there is a variant of a corset on the website that you want, a trim that you want or a fabric you must have, then just contact us. We are happy to work with our customers to create exactly what you want.

Q: I am usually classified by other retailers as ‘plus size‘ does this affect me ordering a corset?

A: Hell no!!! We do not categorise our clients by size - you are all corset lovers!

In our experience we have found that some ladies with a natural waist of over 34 inches can easily wear a corset 6 inches smaller than their natural waist size! Every woman is different and it is common for two women with the same measurements to comfortably lace into a different size corset from the other.

If in doubt please contact us or book an in studio appointment.

Corsets are for women of all shapes and sizes.

Q: Is every corset made to order?

A: Every corset is made to order for you, regardless of whether you order a standard size or our made to measure/custom option.

We pride ourselves on this service. We carry a selection of corsets for our in studio clients to see and try on and we also take a selection to exhibitions and conventions.

Booby Trapp Corsets are available to purchase online in standard sizes or using our made to measure option.

Standard size information is available later on in this section.

Q: How do I measure for a Booby Trapp Corset?

Do not rush measuring for your corset.

You may find it easier if somebody can measure you.

Use a dress tape measure with inches marked.

Stand with your back to a mirror. This is to check that the tape measure is sitting flat around the body and does not slip or twist.

BUST- Measure around the widest point whilst wearing a well fitted bra that is not padded. Note: minimiser bras and bras with padding can alter your measurement.

UNDER BUST- Measure under the bust around the line where your bra is under wired.

WAIST- Measure your natural waist. No breathing in! This is generally an inch above your navel or where your silhouette naturally curves in.

HIPS-measure around the hip line

For made to measure corsets we also require your approx height in feet and inches.

REMEMBER- If you have any questions regarding measuring for your corset, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Q: Will a standard size Booby Trapp corset fit me?

An outline of the sizing information applicable to each style is detailed within each product description.

The bust and hip measurements of a standard size corset relate to the actual corset waist size ordered.  Most standard size corsets are 10" bigger on the bust and hips than the waist size ordered.

If you are unsure as to whether a standard size corset will fit you or a made to measure corset will be required, remember we are here to help and you should contact us.


For example, if you measure your waist and it measures 30", you need to order a corset 2-4" smaller than your actual waist size. You would order either a 26" or a 28" waist corset. Remember the softer you are around the waist line the easier it is to pull in to create those curves.

So, you measure a 30"around the waist and you feel like you would want to order a 26" corset. REMEMBER OUR CORSETS ARE MEANT TO LACE WITH A NEAT GAP AT THE CENTRE BACK, THIS CAN BE AN OPEN GAP REVEALING SKIN, OR COVERED WITH A MODESTY PANEL.

You must measure your bust in a well fitting unpadded bra and you measure your hips.

As an example, if your measurements are:

30" natural waist then

Deduct 2–4 inches

38" bust with a cup size D then Deduct 2 inches for support
38" hips then Deduct 2 inches

You should deduct approximately 2" from your actual bust and hip measurement. This is to accommodate the neat gap at the centre back and to enable your corset to pull you in and support you effectively.

A standard 26" waist corset will fit the measurements you supplied as the actual corset bust measurement is 36" and the hips 36".

Our standard size corsets will generally fit up to a D Cup breast size. If you have larger or smaller than a D Cup, or have had breast augmentation or surgery then please order using our made to measure service to ensure the best fit.


Measure yourself as per the guidelines, and we will size your corset accordingly.

Q: How do I put on my Booby Trapp corset?

A: All Booby Trapp corsets are delivered ready laced. Within your delivery package there are instructions on how to put your corset on and also caring for your corset.

Q: What happens if I lose weight, or I am planning on losing weight?

A: Our corsets are designed to be worn with a gap at centre back. This means that they are versatile to accommodate some weight loss. The bigger the gap when you purchase your corset (remember the skin at the gap can be covered with a modesty panel) the more weight can be lost before the corset closes over at the back.

When the corset closes over at the back this means it is time for another Booby Trapp corset!... But hey, who needs an excuse?

Q: What is a modesty panel?

A: A modesty panel is an option on all of our corsets.

Some people refer to modesty panels as lacing guards, but here at Booby Trapp they are modesty panels. The modesty panel covers the gap of skin at the back of the corset when your corset is laced up. Many people prefer a modesty panel as it covers any creases that appear. This option is available when ordering your corset.

Q: What is a busk cover?

A: A busk cover is a flap that discreetly covers the steel busk hooks on the front of the corset. This is an option on all of our corsets and is very much a personal preference. We notice that it depends on the ´look´ of the corset that a client wants.

Q: Can my Booby Trapp corset have suspenders on it?

A: When ordering your corset, there is an option to add on suspenders to your order. These are available at no extra cost and also detachable so that your corset can be worn with or without them.

Q: Are all of the crystals you use on your corsets Swarovski?

A: Of course. We only ever use Swarovski components when hand finishing some of our garments.

Q: I am interested in waist training. Can a Booby Trapp corset help me with this?

A: If this is something you plan to do then please contact us and we will be happy to advise you on our suitable products.

Q: Can my corset help me with my posture?

A: A Booby Trapp corset alters your posture and carriage. They are made from the highest quality steel boning that does not bend nor ripple like cheap high street replicas. Our corsets sculpt and support the figure, hold your posture in a poised position and enhance the female form.

I would love a skirt/ or matching garments. Can you do this?

A: Of course we can!

Generally, to guarantee a perfect fit we will ask you to attend our studio for measuring and fittings. If this cannot be arranged then please contact us to discuss your requirements. This is due to the nature of some of our fabrics. A lot of ready to wear fashion today is made of stretch composite fabrics that will fit a variation in sizes. Our bespoke clothing is tailored to fit and we aim to deliver a service that exceeds your expectations.

Q: I am part of the TV/TG/TS communities, will you corset me?

A: Of course! We are happy to advise on suitability of a corset especially for you. Email us your requirements or book an in studio appointment. A Booby Trapp Corset is the fastest and most effective way of creating that hourglass, curvy, feminine figure.

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